Membership Application

Basic Membership
• The annual membership dues are $185.00
• You will pay a one-time initiation fee of $15.00.
• Joining May thru December you will pay a prorated amount of $18.00 per month.
• Joining January thru March you will pay the annual membership dues of $185.00 due in April plus a prorated fee of $54.00 in January; or $36.00 in February; or $18.00 in March and be marked paid to next year’s annual meeting.
• MUST attend an orientation prior to getting your key activated and getting voting rights.

Adding a Spouse or Significant Other
• When an applicant and spouse (or significant other) wish to join together, one will pay the regular membership dues as outlined above.
• The spouse (or significant other) will pay a membership fee of $40.00.
• An initiation fee of $15.00 is also required.
• The spouse (or significant other) will become a full member and get their key activated after they have completed an orientation.

Spouse (or significant other) Application:
• Pay a membership fee of $40.00 plus initiation fee of $15.00
• MUST attend an orientation prior to getting your key activated and getting voting rights.
• Renewing the next year as a couple, the spouse (or significant other) fee will be $20.00.



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Membership Agreement

I hereby apply for membership in the Rock County Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. I affirm the goals and purposes of the club and wish to support the club to the best of my ability.

I certify that I am a person lawfully in this country, and that I have never been convicted of a crime of violence, and I am not subject to any restraining order or any other court order that would prohibit me from owning or using a firearm.

If admitted to the club, I agree to practice good sportsmanship, good citizenship, and firearms safety. If, during my membership I am convicted of any type of crime of violence, I will immediately notify the membership chairperson, return my electronic key, and refrain from any and all use of club facilities. I consent to a background check.

I agree that my participation in club activities is voluntary and that the Rock County Rifle and Pistol, Inc. is not legally liable for my safety or that of my guests while using club facilities. I accept full responsibilities for any stolen, lost or damaged club equipment used by me or my guests.

I have read this application and the club rules, and understand them completely. I agree to abide by the rules of this club and understand any violation of them may result in my expulsion form the club.


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